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Dermatologist's advice

Good habits

  • Avoid products that contain allergenic fragrances or preservatives that could cause skin reactions.
  • Avoid overly harsh cleansers, which destroy the natural hydrolipidic film that protects the skin.
  • Use soap-free cleansers or soaps containing surgras agents that restore the hydrolipidic film.
  • Do not exfoliate too often! Make sure you use a very gentle exfoliant formulated for sensitive skin to remove dead cells, soften and help the skin look more radiant.
  • Rinse your skin well to remove all traces of your cleanser.
  • Apply a moisturiser every day.
  • Avoid very hot water and long baths.
Good habitS
  • Avoid products that contain allergenic fragrances or preservatives which could cause skin reactions.
  • Use cleansers containing moisturizing active ingredients (glycerine, milk protein, shea butter) and surgras agents which restore the hydrolipidic film that protects the skin.
  • Avoid alcohol-based lotions which tend to dry out the skin, Pat dry the skin rather than rub.
  • Avoid overheated environments and cover yourself up appropriately (gloves, scarf, etc.) in the cold.
  • Bathe and shower with lukewarm or even slightly cool water.
  • Apply a moisturiser every day and especially after swimming because chlorine dries out the skin!


Nettoyer votre visage matin et soir afin de débarrasser la peau de toutes les bactéries, les salissures et le sébum qui peuvent obstruer ou enflammer sa surface. 
• Privilégier les produits spécialement conçus pour les peaux à imperfections. Enrichis d’agents séborégulateurs et bactériostatiques (réduction de l’excés de sébum et des imperfections), sans oublier les agents hydratants et surgras (protection de la peau et suppression des sensations de tiraillements). 
• Appliquer quotidiennement un soin matifiant, hydratant et non comédogène spécialement conçus pour les peaux à imperfections. 
• Protèger votre peau avant toute exposition au soleil. 
• Utiliser des produits de maquillage spécifique « peaux à imperfections » et « non comédogènes ».
  • Cleanse your face morning and evening to remove all traces of bacteria, impurities and sebum, which can block or inflame the skin's surface
  • Use products specially designed for blemish-prone skin, enriched with seboregulating and bacteriostatic agents (to reduce excess sebum and blemishes), as well as moisturizing and surgras agents (to protect the skin and eliminate feelings of tightness)
  • Every day, apply a non-comedogenic matifying and moisturizing product specially formulated for blemish-prone skin
  • Protect your skin before all sun exposure
  • Cleanse your face morning and evening to remove all traces of impurities, bacteria and sebum which can block and inflame the skin's surface.


  • Naturally dry, baby skin tends to become more fragile when exposed to various aggressions, especially hard water, but also repeated bathing with overly harsh products which can alter and damage the skin.
  • In order to protect the sensitive skin of babies, use a surgras, soap-free, pH-neutral cleanser for their daily bath.
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