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Rogé Cavaillès: more than 90 years caring for sensitive skin!

Rogé Cavaillès: more than 90 years of expertise in sensitive skincare!

When you have sensitive skin, your top goals are to take good care of it, protect it and soothe it. But there’s no rule that says caring properly for your sensitive skin means you can’t enjoy your skincare products!

With Rogé Cavaillès, your skin gets the optimal care it deserves and you enjoy a unique sensory experience!
Rogé Cavaillès products feature a unique combination of high-tolerance formulas designed for sensitive skin paired with textures and fragrances that are a pleasure to use.

« When you have sensitive skin, your top goals are to take good care of it, protect it and soothe it. »

Pioneers in sensitive skincare

From 1855, the celebrated Rogé Cavaillès pharmacy, located on Boulevard Haussmann in Paris, began developing skincare products for different types of skin and sharing them with their customers. In 1924, at that same pharmacy, emollient Surgras soap was born!

Surgras: an ally for sensitive skin

The skin is faced with a number of aggressions on a daily basis. In the shower, surfactants and hard water damage the skin’s natural protective barrier. The result is tightness, overdrying, discomfort and more.

To combat these unpleasant symptoms, Rogé Cavaillès invented “surgras”, a product enriched with emollient ingredients to leave behind a protective layer on the skin. It shields the skin from external aggressions, creating a feeling of softness and well-being. 

Active Surgras

This new-generation surgras—the exclusive product of Rogé Cavaillès research—helps to repair the skin’s natural barrier in an all-new way, thanks to a new active ingredient: Surgras Olive Oil. It leaves the skin even softer and more comfortable.

Rogé Cavaillès: Key Dates

Over the course of nearly 100 years, Rogé Cavaillès has continued to innovate to protect and care for sensitive skin while addressing a growing range of needs.
  • Surgras Soap

    Rogé Cavaillès invented surgras soap

  • Surgras bath and shower gels

    Bestsellers in pharmacies even today

  • Intimate hygiene

    Preserves women’s intimate balance

  • Skincare

    For maximum tolerance every day

  • Sebactiv

    Gentle yet effective for problem skin

  • Nutrissance

    Creams and lotions that deeply moisturize and nourish

  • Showercare

    Shower creams and oils with natural ingredients envelopping textures and enchanting fragrances

  • Intense-LP deodorants

    Continuous effectiveness against intense perspiration that’s gentle on the skin

  • 12H intimate hygiene products

    Up to 12 hours of intimate protection and comfort for confidence and well-being that last all day

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  • 1970s
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  • 2016
  • 2017

Proper care for sensitive skin begins in the shower…

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